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tv   Al Jazeera World News  LINKTV  May 15, 2013 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> bad news for europe two biggest economies. france slips into recession. hello. the main stories on al jazeera grow for tens of thousands of zynga muslims now in the path of cyclone mahasen. urgent talks in russia expels an american diplomat accused of being a spy. >> i am jane ferguson. palestinians are a member --ing a 65-year-old
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commemorating a 65-year-old catastrophe. >> the eurozone is still in recession according to the latest economic figures released in the past couple of hours and the biggest concern is for the two biggest economies. france is back in recession with gross domestic product following .2% in the first quarter and the powerhouse economy of germany only grew at 1.1%. -- .1%. nick spicer is this -- nick spicer, is this a further split? >> there is an economics but that is a reflection of a isitical split and it significant because the numbers of france and germany added into the eurozone numbers as a whole
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show that the eurozone is in its longest recession since the single currency was created in 1999. to focus on the key countries at the heart of europe, france is in negative growth. i did two consecutive quarters of negative growth, that equals a recession, the second in the space of four years. it is nothing that will make the french president francois hollande anymore positive. in germany, positive growth, but -- and things are slightly improving, and that is important because it has been the locomotive of the euro zone economy. the governor blames harsh weather. there is a diversion to economically that could make it hard for the two of them to come together to propose solutions as they have done during that
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european crisis. francois hollande is a socialist and cannot be seen as imposing more austerity, and conversely angela merkel is appreciated because of her tough stance on austerity. ?> how will this go forward is austerity still looking like the way to go? as you are saying, france cannot keep pushing austerity. >> i think the mood music about austerity has been changing with the european commission notably giving france two more years to reach the deficit target of three percent of gdp. the european central banks making money cheaper. germany is looking increasingly isolated in pushing for austerity. of course, it does not decide a
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loan, but these things take time. if you are in unemployed worker in spain or ireland, with youth ,mployment at 50% in spain there is not a lot of hope. the european commission says growth will return to europe in 2014. it is a very long wait. the lag between the creation of growth is getting longer and longer. >> nick spicer, on the latest economic crisis out of europe and berlin. a confidential un documents says sanctions and a arms embargo have slowed the pace of north korea's nuclear development, but also that it has failed to stop the counting young program. -- counting young program.
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recalled its envoy to the philippines over the killing of a fisherman in disputed waters. -- rejectedjected an apology -- and they have refused filipino workers. connected toen is make landfall late on thursday. the storm has weakened but still poses a risk. heavy rain and strong winds have hit low-lying areas. thousands of refugees are right in the path. >> as the sun disappeared after one last clear day, the storm clouds started gathering. more than 100,000 people were displaced by religious fighting. now they are facing further of people because of the tropical
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storm. it was no panic among the displaced who have already been through so much. all they can do is go about their routines and weight. >> there is nothing we can do. there is nowhere to hide. we will be left here to hide -- die. >> many have lived in these conditions for almost one year after their homes were attacked and destroyed by buddhist. most of the flimsy shelters are in low-lying areas. ask the people living in these camps are extremely vulnerable. as well as strong wind and heavy rain, it may also produce a surge from the ocean. heavy rain has already started falling, making the stuff, fragile existence even worse. streams have formed through some areas, giving the refugees and unwelcome taste of the conditions that lie ahead. the local government has tried
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to move some people to safer areas, but for those who have suffered, trusting the officials does not come easy. ask the authorities have asked us to move, but we do not want to because the place is too close to the river and the people living there do not want us, so we are afraid. >> their freedoms were taken away when they lost their homes. a are not alive -- allowed to lead -- leave their camps even as the storm approaches. >> a u.s. ambassador has been summoned to the russian foreign ministry after the expulsion of a diplomat. ascomes at an awkward time they try to improve relations. russian security says it caught ryan fogle trying to recruit a russian intelligence officer. the u.s. state department accuses to comment on the issue. >> to hear russian officials tell it, this is a cia agent,
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moments after getting caught, moments on the ground, wearing of all things, a blonde wing -- blonde wig and the proof was in his bag -- to the waves, a microphone, and an incriminating letter, a proposed contract for the man he was trying to recruit. it says "for long-term cooperation we are willing to offer you $1 million a year with potential bonuses." russian security says this is ryan fogle, a low-level diplomatic and cia agent. this veteran of the cia says there is something strange about the case. >> it is inconceivable to me that anyone affiliated with american intelligence would have made what we would refer to as a cold pitch of this sort, where
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you have a huge sum of money on your person and you simply show up with a letter in a place that is not your turf, not your control, and were to go badly you are subject to arrest. >> this is not the first incident of spying. appearing0 russians to be every day and not necessarily powerful assets were swapped. when theat a time countries are trying to come to a common position on how to and syria possible war. many think they should not have a serious relationship. the u.s. president described it this way. >> i do not think there is any secret that there remains lingering suspicions between russia and other members of the g8 or the west. >> suspicions russians will now believe are likely confirmed by
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this man, his wings, and a wild story of espionage, apparently done very badly. >> the russian foreign minister has called on syrian opposition to support moscow and washington in their efforts for a peace conference to end the syrian conflict. a un general assembly is expected to approve an arab- backed solution calling for political transition in syria and is is expected to condemn bashar al-assad for the use of weapons. u.s. secretary of state john kerry says he expects a peace conference to be held in june but the syrian government says it wants more details before it decides whether to attend. israeli forces are on high alert as palestinians commemorate nakba,he 6h anniversary of
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one 7000 palestinians were forced from their homes. they are demanding the right to return to their homes, a demand that has overshadowed he stalks with israel. jane ferguson tells us more about what this day means. >> well, this day is very important to palestinians, not just here, but around the world, nakba, it commemorates the catastrophe, as they see it, in 1948. over 750,000 palestinians fled their homes or were expelled from what was historical palestine. that is what today is all about herod that was 65 years ago. every year they come together to commemorate the catastrophe and to talk about a potential return. the stage behind me, there have been speeches going on for the last few hours.
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that has been the theme where they have said the return will happen. as you said, in terms of peace talks and a huge issue of return, it does not seem to be making progress. >> he said they have been commemorating this for a few hours, what do we expect as the day goes on? ask so far, and -- >> so far everything has been peaceful. it has been a celebratory atmosphere to my though it is a somber subject. the main procedures have ended. the speeches and cultural events are over and through the rest of the day both sides will be watching closely to make sure there is not any escalation or violent. there have been some small skirmishes around the west bank in various locations, but so far they have not become much larger than a few dozen people. throughout the afternoon,
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traditionally on this day, violence does occur. we will be watching closely to see when and where that could escalate. >> jane ferguson, thank you. still ahead on the program -- >> he is known as suite nikkei marsella, but has the haitian ?resident soured why china is trying to expand its influence in the frozen north. good to have you with us. there is more bad economic news for europe. france has fallen back into recession after its economy shrunk by .2%. germany posted growth, but i just .1%. the united nations is warming -- warning that a onel aoss then
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could put 8 million. let -- 8 million lives at risk. bangladesh and myanmar have ordered evacuations. the u.s. ambassador has been foreign to the russian ministry after the expulsion of an american diplomat. the russian security service accuses ryan fogle of trying to recruit a russian officer. the nigerian resident has up up the fight against a radical group. jonathan is trying to boko haram. by >> the president announced he was declaring a state of emergency estoreafety and securityerttacd government
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buildings and facilities. innocent murdered boko citizens and state officials. they have set houses ablaze and taken women and children as hostages. these actions amount to a declaration of war and a deliberate attempt to undermine the authority of the nigerian state. as a responsible government, we will not tolerate this. >> attacks like this one last month. al jazeera gained exclusive access. many civilians were killed in the crossfire. many homes were burned. last week, the group killed more than 50 people not far from here. across the region, boko haram has been responsible for the death of at least 2000 nigerians since 2010. the state of emergency means that hundreds of more soldiers will be on the street.
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they will have the authority to arrest and detain suspects innot citizens and state officials. without charge and take possession and control of any suspectedr structures of being used by the group. recently, its leader, rejected an amnesty deal from the government, which might be one affecting thens state of emergency. >> the president -- >> the question is whether the president cost decision will work. many hope it will reduce the violence, but many also say the root causes must be addressed. >> the european union has promised to give nearly $675 million over the next two years to help the reconstruction efforts in mali. the financial aid was announced as international leaders gather in brussels.
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in term term president of mali wants 6 million -- $6 million to rebuild the government institutions and pay for elections. four days after they voted, pakistanis are waiting to find out who will be there prime minister. despite allegations of vote he -- he isre declaring himself a winner. buthe elections are over, the army continues its campaign in northwest pakistan, intent to crush the fighters who use the rugged terrain as a base for operations in neighboring afghanistan, fighters that regard the pakistan army is an arm of the us-led forces. attempts by the army to win the support of the population is an interval part of its war against
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al qaeda and those that supported. the attack drones that have carried out more than 300 strikes. over 3000 people have been killed and it is not clear how many work combatants and how many were local civilians. regardless of the target, the high court has labeled the drone operations as war crimes. in a landmark judgment, the high court described the attacks as a blatant violation of pakistan's sovereignty and said that if the attacks continue the pakistani government must take action against the united states in the united nations. unless the supreme court reverses the decision, the judgment is now part of pakistan's law. >> the court has instructed the drones must be shut down if they violate pakistan territory.
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if the new court there's -- fails to carry out this order, it is in contempt of court. >> three years ago, the case was filed. the cia chief was withdrawn, but he welcomes the current judgment. [indiscernible]no drones. it has no pilot. american army forces. >> there is still argument as to whether biggest administrations merely ignored the u.s. operations or gave secret information for the drones to operate, but the question now is simply whether the new sharif government obeys the court and
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grounds the drones that are flying over pakistan for good. hashe haitian president been celebrating his second anniversary in office, but he is also defending his record on creating jobs and building schools in the poorest country in the western hemisphere. ,> two year since taking office he is still in campaign mode. the pop singer turned politician demonstrated the popular appeal that won him the presidency. the rightntry is on path. i cannot see how anybody else could have done what we did. >> he has spent most of his time promising to reverse 80's haiti's reputation
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for corruption. life has notman changed. >> this administration promised not and housing, changed. >> this administration promised jobs and housing, the two years later, none of the promises have been realized, unemployment is higher and there is more misery. >> many are skeptical about the assertions of progress. claiming is about 40%, but everybody knows that it is three quarters of the people that need jobs. >> more than three years since the earthquake that devastated 300,000try, more than people live in tent camps. he has succeeded in replacing xa are commissionn cochaired by u.s. president bill agency.with a new
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bill clinton was back in haiti to show his confidence in the government. >> we need the structure help to make this happen, and hating needed to become truly sustainable. >> the president might be able to turn out crowds, but their patience is limited. he has three more years to deliver on promises of change. >> women hoping for a career in the jewish army have been told they cannot and -- handled the harm. see theordan went to training in action. day 10 of the u.s. army he lead -- delete comment engineer leader course. >> everybody stop. get in the water.
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>> these soldiers are already behind schedule. makes surenstructor the students prove what they are capable of handling. >> the course covers a little bit of everything, but under physical and mental duress and distress. there is just as much individual emphasis as there is team emphasis. >> it is the makes sure the students prove what they are capable of handling only such ce that allows both men and women. three female officers are in the .roup all agree it will open doors. >> a lot of it comes down to heart and desire. it is that inner drive. if you do not have it, you might not make it as successful or learn as much out of it. same forandard is the the men and women and the goal is to train these officers to handle any sort of physically challenging situation, whether on land or in the water. >> get up there. we do not have all day. >> despite objections that female troops cannot handle the physical demands of the combat,
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more than one third of the women that have taken the course have graduated and failed at the same rate as men. the experience is helping military leaders decide how to remove the final barriers for women in combat. >> there is a standard. it is there because not everybody has what it takes. >> here, the army is giving them the chance to prove that women are every bit as capable as men for especially when lives are on the line. >> roslyn jordan, al jazeera. worldtball odds governing body has threatened to take world cup matches away from brazil's exist city. six games are set to take place in são paulo. for construction of world cup venues is december of
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this year, but the stadium is not fit to be ready until february, 2014, just four months before kickoff. brazil has moved one step closer to fully recognizing same-sex marriage. the council that oversees the judiciary says same-sex unions can be recognized as marriage. advocates want gay marriage enshrined in the constitution. global warming is opening up opportunities for shipping and february, mining companies as melted ice means the arctic is more accessible than ever. russia is aggressively exploring the resources, and china could be the latest power. we report from iceland. >> the summer sea ice is melting and the chinese are coming about whether the countries in the polar region like it or not. huge reserves of gas, rare earth and uranium lie here, and under
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international shipping law, any vessel has the right to be in these waters. for countries like iceland, it presents a huge challenge -- how to manage the increased exploration and trade and preserve the environment. >> and we have the obligation watch out for the nature in this area -- there will not be oil spills, contamination and so forth. it is not just a question of having new opportunity. it is also mining companies as melted ice means a question about the responsibility that we have to the area, not just now, but also for the future. >> the president of iceland has called for an expanded role of -- for china and other asian countries as global warming has affects far beyond the region. for shipping companies, it has created huge opportunities. seanewly see -- navigable route cute by six and a half
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thousand kilometers with big cost reductions. >> we are sailing this route , but this is developing every year and people are following this. we hope we can see some real cargo moving there in the near future. >> there is an irony to this because although the new routes are being opened up by global warming, the shipping company will say because they are shorter, there'll be fewer emissions in the future. >> environmentalists remain concerned. some international analysts say that china's economic interest in the region could have military or security implications. beijing has never announced an official policy. its embassy in iceland because although the new said tt nobody was available for interview.
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>> hello. welcome to the health show. you the mosting important health stories from around the world an. >> with their powerful census now, there


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